Project highlights:

  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Development​

  • Creative Strategy

  • Film and Media Development 

  • Development of Online Banking Applications

  • Content Strategy

  • Community Program Development

  • Environmental Branding

  • Marketing Campaigns

The Alternatives Federal Credit Union brand redesign was epic and fun! Four separate divisions, one nonprofit arm, and the living wage study all housed in a single organization. There was a lot of brand confusion to untangle and a well-established legacy to restore.


Program by program, and product by product, we had the unique opportunity to restructure the organization that we were tasked to make look good. The result was a complete organizational overhaul and the creation of four pillars: Social Responsibility, Culture and Values, Member Experience and Community Programs. Leading with content and utilizing real member photography exclusively, the Alternatives brand story re-invests in the local community by showcasing local businesses, entrepreneurs, and members in iconic black and white photography. In creating a rock-solid brand backed by a mission and vision statement, we helped this organization grow it's assets from $89 to $110 million in only four years.

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