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We have a wide range of abilities here at The Visual Team. We specialize in every aspect of graphic design from business cards to web sites to branding. We do print materials, ads, and event invitations. Anything you need to say, we can help make it look better.

Just because we are a small firm doesn’t mean we can’t handle big projects and big clients. In the fifteen years we have been in business we have worked on shoestring budgets and done million dollar campaigns.

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We are a boutique design firm and a humble mom and pop shop. We have a small circle of communication which means you actually get to talk to the people designing your work.

At some bigger firms you may only get to speak with the head designer when you are signing the contract, after that it is handed down to one of the associates. More than likely you won’t hear from the boss again until it’s done - or worse yet, until there is a big problem.

That’s not the way we do it here. You deal with us from start to finish.

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Before we sit down and start sketching ideas we spend a lot of time exploring both the background of your business and your plans for the future. Since creating a brand is like setting a foundation for your company, it’s good for us to understand your long-range goals. Only then can we come up with unique designs that will genuinely reflect your company and entice your customers to come back for more.
We put a lot of effort to make sure we complete our projects on time and on budget. When we get started we will ask questions to help us determine your project’s timeline, scope and budget. Once those are established, we’ll stick as close to them as possible. We have learned that a great way to keep you in the loop about the progress is to include you in our weekly status reports.
We appreciate the fact that design is an organic and collaborative process. We know ideas and tastes change- sometimes daily. We know it takes patience and communication to make it all come together. We work in small teams and keep our clients involved for every step of the creation.